Digitalisation plan is a document which helps us to digitalise a specific activity starting with its definition, continuing with the execution and ending with the validation.

Your business may benefit a lot from digitalisation as digitalisation may:

  • Implement paperless processes and therefore reduce waste;
  • Improve accessibility and better information exchange;
  • Increase response time;
  • Improve analytics and enable data driven decision making;
  • Improve staff flexibility;
  • Improve the efficiency, consistency and quality of business processes;
  • Reduce business costs;
  • etc.

On the other hand, digitalisation can be a big burden for the business taking into account costs and workforce, so it is important to plan it well. Before making a digitalisation plan, the specific activity to be digitalised shall be chosen from your digitalisation “wish-list”.

Use our digitalisation plan to create your own and to evaluate your digital transformation. Download is available here: Digitalisation plan for an activity – template. Check an example digitalisation plan here: